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Reedsmill Church Bylaws

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Reeds Mill Church History

1831 - Church Founded

1892 - Land Donated by Lewis Reed

1892 - Church Building Dedicated

In 1831, a group of people with names like Sargent, Wheeler, Huntoon, and Wing met in the schoolhouse to discuss the formation of a church in Reeds Mill.

There are many records of monthly, and semi-monthly planning meetings. Records are scarce; however, the original deed dated April 1892 shows the track of land being donated by Lewis Reed near his home and mill. One condition – the property had to be used as a church. For years, Lewis Reed operated a sawmill on the rugged Orbeton Stream. The Sandy River and Rangeley Lake Railroad went past the Toothaker Pond colony, formerly known as Berlin Mills, picking up lumber from the Reed sawmill, taking it to market.

The church was officially organized on Sept. 17, 1831 with 32 members, as The Church of Christ, a branch of the Phillips church. They voted that Deacon Abel Cook take the lead at the meetings. The church was not just a fluke – it was serious business. Records show committees were appointed to visit members ‘considered delinquent and wayward’. Several of the brethern (and their wives) found themselves after such visits either "dismissed by letter" or "excluded as a disorderly walker". In 1833, an auxiliary missionary and temperance society was formed, the forerunner of the Reeds Mill Circle. A Sunday School was started in 1838.

In wasn't until 1892 (that's 61 years later) that the church building became ready for occupancy.

By clicking on the link in the left column, you will get to a listing all of the records of the church from its beginning in 1831 and going, with a few interuptions, until 1903.

In 1895, a group of young people formed the Reed's Mills Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor (YPSCE). The Constitution, ByLaws, membership and meeting records of this prayer and fellowship group can be seen by clicking on the link to the left.

Original 32 Founding Members in 1831:

  • Martha Barker
  • Charles Burnham
  • Abel Cook
  • Hanson Cook
  • Nancy Cook
  • Olive Cook
  • Abraham Hinkley
  • Rosellana Hinkley
  • Anna Huntoon
  • Enoch Huntoon
  • Lorrana Huntoon
  • John M. Kinne
  • Sally Kinne
  • Sullivan Marnow
  • Abigail Moores
  • Betsy Pelton
  • Mary Pelton
  • John Sargent
  • Hannah Sargent
  • John Sargent Jr
  • Salmon Sargent
  • John Smith
  • Jeremiah Stetson
  • Mary Stowers
  • Samuel Stowers
  • Zarada Stowers
  • Horatio Thomas
  • Isaac Thomas
  • Judith Thomas
  • Elizabeth Wilbur
  • Henry Wilbur
  • Samuel Wing

The Reeds Mill Church is available for weddings or other special events. Contact the Reeds Mill Church at for more info or to make a donation.