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"The Church in the Wildwood"


Weekly Sunday Services

Start July 5 at 2 pm

Old Home Sunday

Aug 30 at 1 pm
(Potluck at noon)

Fall Hymn Sing

Sept. 13 at 7 pm
(Bring your flashlight!)

Sandy River Ramblers Concert

Sept. 27 at 2 pm

Thanksgiving Service

Nov 26 at 10 am

Christmas Candlelight Service

Dec 19 at 3 pm

Reeds Mill Church

"The Church in the Wildwood"

The church bulletin calls it The Church in the Wildwood. The call to worship is the Hymn #367, Come to the Church in the Wildwood.

The reference is appropriate - the one room church is surrounded by trees on all sides. A narrow unpaved driveway leads to the church situated on less than a half acre of land in the small, once thriving, bustling community of Reeds Mill, located within the township of Madrid. With 10 pews lining the sides, the church can accommodate up to 100 people. Special events like Old Home Sunday and weddings often fill the church to capacity.

On this website you can find more information about the:

The Reeds Mill Church is available for weddings or other special events.

Contact the Reeds Mill Church at for more info or to make a donation.

Candlelight Christmas Service

Come to the annual Candlelight Christmas Service on Sunday, December 22nd at 3:00 in the afternoon. All are welcome to this historic church in the wildwood - where the wood fire keeps you warm on the outside, favorite Christmas Carols and the Christmas Story will warm you on the inside, and kerosene lamps light your way. As the sun sets, the church will be aglow with candlelight.

Call or email for more information, (207) 639-2713, You can find directions to the church here.

Click here to read the Down East article about Reeds Mill Church!

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